CUERPASO® Gives you the Copacabana BeachFront Body from Tadeo's hometown & The Girl from Ipanema Confidence!! 

                                Location2600 Ocean Front Walk Santa Monica, CA 90405  LifeGuard Post #26 ( Directly in front of "Perry's" beach cafe)

                                                       Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11am Parking: $1 an hr Public Parking 


                                 Location:        Class M-W-F  4pm  Runyon Canyon Park:    2001 N Fuller Ave, LA, CA 90046  

                                                       Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4pm Parking: Stree Parking: Check Signs 


                           "Look & Feel like your favorite celebrity/athlete with CUERPASO®".
**Six-Week Brazilian Bikini Boot Camp: Three Classes Per Week, Nutritional Plan = FREE**